Fouetter aux tomates
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The Box is not simply a food delivery service. It offers healthy and home-made versions of the comfort food we all love - it's meant for people who care(ish) about their diet and still don't want to compromise on taste, portion or diversity. 

"The world is our inspiration
and our food is prepared with love and care !"

Meta, the chef


1 Good-sized portions, which do not leave you hungry or frustrated

2Home-made & healthy dishes which you get to choose from a range of 30 options renewed every week

hell yeah.

3Meals that are delivered once a day to your home or workplace   

4A service as flexible and convenient for you to use as possible

You can cancel your meal once every week up to 3 hours before the delivery time and you get to choose the time slot for the delivery!

5An environmentally conscious venture that minimises the use of single-use plastic

The Box works with Only One Planet
to serve your meals in plant-based containers