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MiaM Box, the revival


MiaM Box was been founded by Sov Men and Alice Audren, partners in crime and in life. 

Capitalising on Sov's experience in the Food & Beverage industry, Miam Box is his third baby, after the Fizz Bar in Toul Tompoung Lane and the Miam restaurant that recently closed. Because many customers kept on expressing their regrets in seing MiaM closed, and because Sov and Alice saw an opportunity in proposing a meal plan delivery service that is convenient and easy to use for the users, they decided to further Miam's legacy with this box version.

Miam Box is not just another meal plan service, it is specifically made for people who love eating but also care about staying in good shape and health. Sov being a personal trainer, Alice an absolute food lover, they wanted to come up with a concept that offers healthy options of the comfort food we all crave about. To achieve their mission, they hired Miam's finest staff members Meta and Channy as cooks (a.k.a cordons bleu!), and Fizz's members Boy and Dara as deliverers. They can also count on the valuable expertise of Arthur Planchenault (nutritionist at LL Fitness, sports nutritionist coach for the Phnom Penh Crown FC and initiator of Athletic Performance coaching Facebook/Instagram page) who helped developing the recipes.